The Product

Re.Wrap is a 100% recyclable unique fabric-wrapped acoustic panel created from more than 90% second-cycle PET panels. With an intelligent patent-pending design Re.Wrap can be entirely disassembled with core parts, and fixings re-used indefinitely. Re.Wrap is available in a stunning selection of fabrics and a wide range of configurations for both wall and ceiling applications.

The backside of a Re.Wrap acoustic wall panel that shows the hook application in detail


Re.Wrap's acoustic solution is ideal for commercial interior environments, including workplaces, auditoriums, and hospitality. The system is installed and relocated swiftly using a simple hanging baton fixing system for walls or a magnet and cabling system for ceilings.

Installation can occur with pre or post-fit-out, and each panel is easily removable and accessible. Mid-panel inclusion cut-outs are available for power, AV and services, and White-glove installation for material protection

Materials and

Re.Wraps 100% recyclable solution uses only three materials;
- Second cycle PET panels (Polyethylene Terephthalate) made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
- Fabric
- Aluminium

Re.Wraps offers a stunning selection of standard fabrics. Project specific fabric is available subject to QC testing and quantity. 100% recyclable, Re.Wrap is made with zero adhesives and can be easily reupholstered.

Fabric render that shows the fluidity and versatility of the fabric that embraces a Re.Wrap panel

Acoustic Performance

Re.Wrap achieves an acoustic absorption rating of Class A. This quality makes Re.Wrap ideal for installations where wall space is at a premium and reverberation control is critical. By achieving such high and tuneable broadband absorbance values Re.Wrap requires fewer panels and resources to achieve the desired project reverberation levels.

*PET  - Polyethylene Terephthalate made from minimum of 60% post-consumer plastic bottles.
EchoPanel off-cuts floating in the air.


Re.Wrap is available in varying width and height configurations (at 10mm increments to fit varying dimensions).

Depth including fixings: 46mm

Maximum width: 1000mm
Minimum width: 300mm
Maximum height: 2600mm
Minimum height: 300mm

Standard panel height options: 900mm, 1200mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2600mm
Standard panel width options: 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm

A detail shot of a Re.Wrap panel, showing the precision folding of the fabric.


The Re.Wrap team worked with designer Ric Frampton to develop the unique patent-pending design system, working on product iterations and manufacturing processes.

Patent Pending 2301569.6

PET 'Take - Back' Service

A unique complimentary 'Take-Back' service reclaims all disused PET from the industry, including manufacturing off-cuts, damaged panels or decommissioned interior installations. The team strips out. decants and moves all PET from site to the Re.Wrap manufacturing plant in Bedfordshire for repurposing into second-cycle use.

A material circularity solution for otherwise discarded PET panels, forming a community that takes responsibility for PET waste.

Lead Time

Standard fabrics 6 -8 weeks
COM subject to testing 10-12 weeks

Fire Performance

Fire Test Certificate B,s2,d0


FX Design Awards: 'Product of the Year'
London Design Awards 2023: Product Design - Office

Dezeen Awards 2023: Sustainability Award Shortlist
National Sustainability Awards: Circular & Recycling Shortlist


Made from more than 90% second cycle PET* panels
100% recyclable
Wide standard fabric collection

Red list Free


Responsible, intelligent acoustic solutions
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